Rates are calculated based on your middle credit score, the Loan-to-Value (LTV), and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

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Our Rental360 loan program is perfect for the professional investor looking to grow their portfolio of single-family rental properties. With a full 30 year term, no balloon payments and a choice of either a 7/1 ARM or 30 year fixed interest rate structure, The Rental360 enables professional investors to build wealth over the long-term by locking in competitive interest rates and eliminating the risk of forced sales or refinances.

Transparency is important to us, so you can see right here how we determine interest rates. To read the tables below, find your estimated credit score in the left column. Then estimate your DSCR by dividing your expected monthly property rent by your expected principal, interest, taxes and association dues, and select the corresponding column. Then select your desired LTV. For 30 Year Fixed pricing, add 35 bps to the rates below)

7/1 ARM Pricing


Refinance on 3 to 7 properties with one closing and monthly payment:

Our Rental360 Portfolio+ loan allows you to refinance on 3-7 properties all at once. With just one closing and one monthly payment, it’s perfect for investors looking to simplify their portfolio. Available as a 7 Year ARM or 30 Year Fixed. For loan amounts of: $400k or more, add 50 bps to the single asset rate (7/1 ARM shown above); $300k-$399k, add 112.5 bps to single asset rates; less than $300k, add 150 bps to single asset rates.


Payoff early with no prepay penalty:

Visio’s 24 Month Interest Only Bridge loan features no prepayment penalty nor DSCR requirements. Cash out on a property while it’s on the market so you can purchase your next investment without waiting for the other to sell.

24 Month IO bridge.png

Additional Info

  • Minimum Property Value: $75K
  • Minimum Loan Value: $45K*

*Loan amount caps in place based on credit score:

  • Portfolio Loans: $80K min. property value, $250K min. loan value.
  • Single Asset loans: Add 112.5 BPs on loans under $75K; 75 BPs on loans $75K-$99,999. 5 bps-37.5 bps deduct on loans $200K+
  • 24 Month I/0: $75K min. loan value

$100K min. property value (mpv) for properties in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and D.C. $125K mpv for SFR properties and $75K mpv per unit for 2-4 unit properties in Cuyahoga and Cook Counties.

Additional requirements and stipulations apply for LTVs above 75% and DSCRs <1.0.


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